Urok drewna i rylca

“What you see no one else sees. Even if he had seen a lot more.” This phrase from book Wieslaw My艣liwski, “The Horizon” is the essence of my approach to art.

A long way home, yes……it was a journey to discover and live the world of graphics. Especially the woodcut. The picture you see is one of the first woodcuts that I made and is actually about a distant goal and a mass of obstacles on our way, we would like to remove them, but every boulder and every shadow carries invaluable knowledge and a lesson. I invite you on a journey through the world, landscapes and meanders of graphic art.

A long time ago in drawing class.

On this page, I will describe my creative activities, connected with traveling and exploring nature, and art. I mainly deal with woodcuts in the English version, invented by Thomas Bewick, but also Etching, simplified Lithography. The few first topics will concern the graphics workshop. So that it can be adapted to work in the field. niezwykle-czeskie-wynalazki- % – Burin and Wood % (graphic-thunder.com)

Page of recently made, hand press by Czech artist Milos Slama. Ball Graphic Press I Sl谩ma Press (slamapress.com)

When we are going to art in the bosom of nature, then we cannot be limited by a large heavy graphic press. This simple solution allows you to develop graphics, even in remote areas. We can immediately reflect it and work like the legendary artists of the Barbizon school.


I studied in two academic centers, in 艁贸d藕 and Warsaw. 艁贸dzkie is famous for its innovation and avant-garde art. Warsaw, on the other hand, has more narrative traditions, altogether might give you an interesting perspective. The contradiction is sometimes apparent, it is most often produced by our perception. Searching for new forms and narration can complement each other. It is worth forgetting about old conflicts, schools like Strzemi艅ski versus Pronaszko.

Do niewielkich matryc wystarczy prasa introligatorska.

Zestaw rylc贸w, poduszka

Matryca w kt贸rej b臋dziemy wycina膰. Jest trudna do zdobycia, musi powsta膰 ze specjalnego gatunku drewna.